Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last week I got a little upset when we went to the restaurant and the waitress asked if we needed a table for four and a half. I know this is really common and they do it because he’s little and they think he is cute. However the way she said it I think is what set me off. I was just thinking, he is not half a person he may be small, but he’s all here. King Solomon did not come along and have us cut him in half so we could share better. It don’t know why it bothered me, but it did.
Cut to today. I have called my baby half, at least half a dozen times. ‘Guess what baby, you’re half today!” So my little guy is 6 months, and I’ve been calling him half. I think part of it is because when little kids get their half they are very excited about it. Since he has no idea that he should be excited, I am excited for him. What he does know is that he thinks he’s a big boy who doesn’t need a nap today.
While I am excited for him, I am kind of melancholy about it. It feels like time is going so quickly. He’s going to be our only baby and I want it to last as long as possible. There is so much going on in life and I want to treasure every moment.

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