Tuesday, July 26, 2011



So, we’re done having kids. Before James and I were married, we agreed on one. I stupidly secretly hoped that he would see how amazing being a dad is and change his mind. No such luck. He went and had the babymaker fixed so we wouldn’t have any surprises. I’m kind of sad about it.


So I’m trying to figure out what to do with an only child. There are so many things that I did with my big brother, I had someone to look up to and I always had someone there for me. When I was scared or had troubles, I had my brother. Connor won’t have anyone. When I die, he will be by himself without a brother or a sister for support. He will be alone. I guess my brothers will need to have lots of babies, so he has support.


The other thing is that there are a lot of only children that I see that are pretty much spoiled little brats. They are the only person that their parent has to cater to so they get what they want when they want it. I want him to have everything that he wants in the world, I know there is a way to do it, but I wonder if I have that in me…


Really though, I just worry that he will be lonely. I don’t know what it is like to be an only child, I don’t want him to ever feel alone. I think it’s good that I have such a big loving supportive family. I am going to make sure that he knows all of his family and extended family so that he will know that he never has to be alone.


I just want him to be happy.

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