Wednesday, July 13, 2011



I have been thinking a lot about my birthing experience. I wanted a “natural” birth. I ended up needing drugs. It was for my little man, I would have done anything they told me I needed. I am a pretty flexible person, I figured I could roll with the punches, and I did. However, at the end I was a little disappointed. I felt like I didn’t get what I wanted. I didn’t get my “natural” birth.

The more that I think about it, I did have the birth experience that I wanted. I have a happy healthy son. How can I really ask for more than anything than that? What is more natural than doing what is the best for your baby? I can’t think of a thing.

I don’t think there was ever any reason for me to feel bad, or be upset about what happened. I did the natural thing – what was best for my baby. What I really wanted was for him to be here. Where I could hold him and love him, and let him know that he is the most amazing person in the world. I can do that. I do that every day. So to all of the mom’s out there that are worried about a birthing experience, scared about how things will be, relax. Take it as it comes, have an idea but be open to change, because it happens. Just remember, at the end you will have a baby and that is all that really matters.

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