Monday, January 7, 2013

Organization Tools

One thing I tried and failed to do last year was get organized. I read all these blogs about all of these women that just seem so put together, they have their magic binders that help keep everything in balance, and life is magical. Well last year I did make myself a binder, I planned meals for two weeks,and then it sat on my shelf for the last three months of the year.

However this year I am going to try again. I pulled out my binders (I actually made two, one for budgeting and one for various things around the home) and I am getting back to work! I am going to make sure that I keep things on track this year! (Go me!) Last year when I did this I scoured the web for what I felt were some of the best and most helpful tools available for making a home management binder. Your needs are probably going to be a bit different since your family is not the same as mine. However, if you have "Get Organized" as one of your new years resolutions, you might find this helpful as well!

The very first thing I have in my binder is a one page yearly calendar. I went to the same Creative Mamma to get my calendar as I did this year. She does amazing work and you should check her out. I went with her Kawaii Mini Calendar because I think it's adorable and I like to open up my binder to something fun.
Creative Mamma 2013 Kawaii Mini Calendar

She has other options as well, such as doodle calendars and weekly planners, and other fun stuff like printable gift tags. Not only is this mamma creative, but she's talented too.

As the weeks go on, I will share more info with you on how my binder is set up and what else is in it. If you just can't wait, feel free to check out my Pinterest board  Organizational Peace to find out more!

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