Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am going on an adventure, a no shampoo adventure. I have issues with my really fine hair. I don't like the way it gets after getting wet. I have to use a ton of conditioner to keep it under control. I heard about this no-poo method of taking care of your hair, and other people I have heard have had awesome results. However, some other friends of mine with curly hair said it only did well for about a year. Since my hair is pretty straight with just a little wave I am going to try it out. I have read a couple things, the first is apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 cups of water and use that to "shampoo" your hair, and rinse, this can be drying and you should only do it if your hair gets greasy. The other method is baking soda, again make a paste and wash. The other thing is a "shampoothie" you peel one cucumber and one lemon, then you blend them. You rinse them out completly (which I read can be hard to do and if you don't do it you might look like you have dandruff. So here I go, I am expecting to have a couple weeks of nasty hair followed by some amazing hair. (I HOPE!) so cross your fingers for me! I will post pictures so we can see how it goes.

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