Thursday, June 28, 2012

If something can go wrong....

it will. My two wonderful and amazing not so little anymore brothers are headed to visit my big brother. My mom and I were going to drive them in her car, but then her radiator started leaking. So we talk and decide to take my car, three days before the trip my AC stops working. Today we took the trip in my car. I am pretty sure I sweated about 7lbs. It was bad. However my brothers did make it safely to Chicago, (with my step-dad my mom stayed with the little monkey so he wouldn't get overheated in the car.) The drive was decent with the windows down and after we got the boys safely on the bus we went to China Town (pictures to follow) and had dinner while we waited for traffic to clear and the evening to cool off before our trip back home. I guess not everything that could go bad did, the drive was uneventful if not a bit too warm, but we shall survive and I got some amazing food from Chi Cafe (if you have never been you should go!)

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