Monday, November 7, 2011

Part two of Made With Love- A Tender Yen Spotlight!


I know the giveaway starts in just a couple of hours, but I was waiting (I don’t know why) to do this spotlight until I got a picture of the actual giveaway item. It is so AMAZING! I wish I were eligible to win! Tiffany Waddell is a very creative and talented artist from A Tender Yen (she is also a doula for those of you having babies in the Santa Cruz CA area.) Her one of a kind creations are defiantly “made with love” and talent. I could go on an on about her and her work, but I think this sums it up much more eloquently and concisely.

Tiffany Waddell’s Artist Statement
Tiffany has anointed her creations with the term “Spiritual Collage.” Other than altar making and washing dishes, it is her favorite form of meditation. An epic collage session brings her peace of mind, inspiration, and a greater connection to Spirit. Tiffany’s intention in creating these works is that they will radiate sweetness and nourish your soul, as they do hers.
Tiffany Waddell’s Artist Bio
In November of 1982, Tiffany Jo Waddell was born into a large clan of animal lovers, artists, caretakers, and wild women. She was quickly introduced to the wonderful world of home-making, where culinary and baking skills were considered an art form and everyone (people and pets alike) was welcome. Although gardening and sewing were beloved past times of her family, they were also a necessity.
From a very young age, she has relished in hostessing and holding sacred space. As these concepts seep into her creations, she weaves together a deep sense of nostalgia with Spiritual symbols. They are often viewed as stand-alone altars, as she integrates “Spiritual Collage” with beautiful mementos, such as antique lace, stones, beads, feathers, sea shells and baubles.
Tiffany is currently creating one-of-a-kind assemblage altars and helping to curate 9:Cycles of Creation, a collaborative women's art show in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please visit or for more information!

Tiffany Waddell
Nouveau Love, 2011
Multi-media Assemblage; wooden shadow box, paper, damask fabric, lace,velvet and tassel trims, feathers, Blessings and Love.
14in x 15in
Thank you!!!

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