Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Vol. I

This year I am very pro hand made business (bonus points if it’s from the USA but I’m not very exclusionary.) I just want to make purchases where it will make a difference to someone. While if we go and shop at Wal-Mart or Target, it may not make the same impact as shopping at your local mom and pop shop, or making a purchase from an etsy shop owner. So, please join me in making a difference in the lives of our neighbors this year. Even if you only purchase half of your gifts from home owned shops know you are making a HUGE difference.

Blossom Soap and Sundries
black apple
Buy it here:
What: Delightful Goat Milk and Shea Butter Soaps
Cost: $4.00 – $18.00
Who to buy it for?: I recommend this for any lady (or anyone else) in your life that likes to be clean (Hopefully that’s all of them…)
Why?: I was fortunate to win a three pack of goat milk soaps during the Fall Fashionista giveaway from Lori at Blossom Soaps, and while it may have come in creative (but green) packaging these soaps were still amazing. They have a nice fragrance, are light on the skin and not sticky, and I love the packaging on these soaps, they have a nice “shabby chic” feel to them. The three soaps I recieved are the Almond Milk and Honey, Black Apple, and Snickerdoodle Coffee Scrub. The Almond Milk and Honey smells delicious,  While the name may make this soap seem like a bland scent it has an amazing almost spicy smell. It goes on the skin smoothly and rinses clean,the scent does not really leave scent behind- which I found to be true with all three of the soaps. The Black Apple has sea clay and activated charcoal in it which are supposed to be good for clarifying and detoxing the skin. It also has a very yummy smell. It is not overly fruity but more of a crisp clean scent. If you love coffee you will love the Snickerdoodle Coffee Scrub, It smells yummy too! (I think that makes her three for three!)  This one has clove in it which I love, and the coffee too. The coffee is an amazing ingredient, it exfoliates and absorbs odors, so it is good for the kitchen too as it will wash the onion or garlic off your skin.
These soaps last a very long time if you keep them out of standing water and let them dry between uses. A soap dish with ridges will do it for you. I love these soaps, and I can’t wait to try some of the others that she has available on her site, the Hand Milled Lavender, and Spiced Chai are next on my list. I just have to get through these bars first, so excuse me while I run to wash up!

If you or anyone would like to be featured in my Holiday Gift Guide, please let me know! I am happy to share include you, (preference given to those who make something available for review.) 

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