Friday, February 15, 2013

Being Mom

I didn't think I had a post for today, things have been tough and I've been struggling to accomplish everything I want to in a day. My husband and I are going to a marriage retreat this weekend and I am hoping it helps. I just have such a high stress level these days. We are supposed to being a treat for the community snack table so I decided to make truffles (don't worry these are super simple and when I get them done and pictures taken I will post the recipe.) Well I am in the kitchen cooking and Connor loves to play in the kitchen I think it's all the natural light and the fact that mom is in here a lot. So, I'm chopping up chocolate to make truffles and he asks for a piece, I give him one and he comes back to ask for more, I tell him that he's had enough, so he sits on the floor and starts to cry. I remind him that he doesn't get anything if he cries, so he stops crying, stands up, opens the dishwasher and gets out one of his snack plates, puts it down on the counter and says "bite please." How can I say no to that? I added some fruit to the plate with the piece of chocolate and he finishes it up then puts his plate back in the dishwasher. Then he lays down on the floor and starts to "read" a book, while making his firefighter lady dance on it. Just when I think I can't love him anymore, I do. Some days I swear there is nothing better in this world than being a mom. 

This picture is a little old, but I love it. He's such a happy kid, I am so lucky to be his mom.

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