Monday, October 31, 2011

Sleeping… or not.


You see all of these moms talking about how their babies are sleeping through the night at 2 weeks, or 2 months, or whatever. Connor, who is still more adorable than anyone else in the year, does not sleep through the night. I tried “sleep training” and he want’s nothing to do with it. I am the one who is trained. He doesn’t want to sleep in his crib- so he doesn’t. I refuse to try cry-it-out. I have read both negative and positive things about it, but it just isn’t for me. I can’t stand to listen to him cry.

You may think that I shouldn’t cave to him, he’s just a baby, and I’m the mother and I should make the rules, but I can’t. He is my only baby- he will always be my only baby. There won’t be any more kids for me and James, so I let him snuggle in the same room as us. It is the only way I get any sleep at all. He still wakes up a couple times in the night, and he’s a super heavy night wetter so I have to change his diaper at least once.

So, while I do not get a full nights sleep, I do get some sleep. Which is better than none. Even if my parenting choices seem a little off. I have a handsome, healthy, happy little man. And he loves me- I can tell by the way that he wakes up and looks at me and a smile spreads across his whole face when he sees me next to him. It’s amazing.

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