Friday, June 24, 2011

So busy… and FREE STUFF!

I have been so lately busy I haven’t found time to write. Not that anyone reads this anyway; so at least I’m not disappointing anyone but myself. Smile So I have been busy with the baby, and super busy with school. (I’m making a 99.22% in my English class by the way.) I have been so excited and spending some of my free time on Facebook entering giveaways. I have won some great stuff, a necklace with my little guys name, a onesie, a scarf, a hat, it’s all been super cool! It is great to get a little something since I don’t work. Well other than the Feisty Monkey stuff I have been doing, but I haven’t posted enough of of on Etsy yet. I have been too busy working with my mom with her Avon because she needs the help.

So anyway I found this really awesome giveaway that I wanted to share (I get extra entries for sharing anyway.) It’s for Scentsy and I really want to try it. Right now a new warmer is out of the very tight budget I am working with, so winning one would be awesome, then I can just buy the refills that are super cheap! So here’s a link to the giveaway for anyone that stumbles across and may want to enter. I think this may be a new thing for me. I think I will start sharing these awesome giveaways on my blog! Oh yeah, the link…

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