Friday, April 29, 2011

My Kind of Town


So we’re in Chicago. (If you didn’t get the Sinatra reference.) It’s a four hour car drive and the little guy was AMAZING! I can’t imagine him being any better. He took to it really well. However once he got out of the car seat he was not too happy about going back in. He is such a joy. We are here to meet up with some of my moms friends who are really amazing ladies and showered us with gifts. Connor got the coolest little Pooh book that makes noises and moves and he also got a little singing bear that he seems to love!


We went to the Navy Pier today and we went on a speedboat ride. Connor really seemed to like it. He cried when we stopped. The people from the ride were really amazing. They even said they went a little slower since there was an infant on board. Most everyone got cold, but It was so amazing. It is nice to know that I can have a baby and still enjoy things. So many people say that once you have a kid the fun stops and you can’t do anything with a baby but it’s not true. We tossed the little guy in a sling and everything was great!

017                           020

We  even walked around town in the sling and did a little sight seeing with Uncle C. It was a lot of fun. I think we should do it again.

 027                           032 <—Baby Explorer

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