Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just to see you smile…

I’m exhausted and sick. I tried to think of an amazing title for today but I didn’t have any luck. I have a bacteria infection in my nose. It has spread to my ears and throat. It’s pretty gross, and I look kind of like Rudolph. I went to the Dr. yesterday (I actually saw a CAN) and she said it should go away with some antibiotics and a shot but to call if I got a fever or I noticed it spreading. So at about 2AM I woke up shivering and feeling like I was freezing while I had a fever. James thought I was crazy. He turned on my heating blanket for me. I called the Doctor’s office at about 6:30 in the morning and spoke with a nurse. I finally got a call back at about 10:30 when she said to come back in. So, my stepdad drove me in, and I got another shot and a topical ointment. She knows I am breastfeeding because we talked about it, and I usually ask the pharmacist but I was feeling so bad I forgot to ask. So, when I got some ointment for my nose I didn’t think to ask. Though I think part of it was because it was a topical thing, however when I was reading the insert it says to consult if breastfeeding. I am thinking I will call Connors pediatrician in the morning to make sure. I worry so much about him. My mom watched him while I was the the Doctor it was really nice of her, she even kept him until James got home, so I got about an hours nap. That was amazing. She said they had a good time, I don’t know how anyone could not have a good time hanging out with my little guy, he’s pretty spectacular. Especially when he smiles at you. I swear, that is something magical about it. I think you could be having the worst day even and a smile from him would fix everything.

We had a thunderstorm two days ago and he jumped from the noise. So I sat with him on my lap and told him all about lightning and thunder, how it works and makes the noise and I was clapping and making noises and motions with my hands and he got the biggest smile it was so much fun. He smiles in his sleep a lot too. It is so funny, but I love to watch him sleep. He’s so beautiful  handsome. I don’t know what life would be without him and it’s only been 10 short weeks. He is my world. He is asleep now, I need to go and snuggle him and steal some kisses. It’s one of the best things in the world.


The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.  ~Joe Houldsworth

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