Monday, April 22, 2013

Real Mom

I am a real mom, although sometimes I have delusions of being a super mom, but lets face it. I don't vaccum as often as I should, the dishes have a tendency to pile up on the counters, the diapers don't always get washed in a timely manner, and let's not even start on the mounds of laundry... I have let my child make giant messes, and I have left the flour out on the counter while I went to the restroom.

Don't get mad, get the camera!

I want to be a super mom, I do, some days, when I find the energy. Other days, I make my kid do the chores:

The other day, I needed to get some stuff done, (really I wanted some "me time" but I still got the dishes washed so it totally counts.) I needed to invent a way to keep my son occupied nothing was working, he didn't want to read or play with his trains, marbles aren't something he can do by himself, TV isn't something we let him watch a lot of, but I tired it, and it failed. It was a "mommy day" and Mommy was tired. (Moving sucks.)

Then it hit me, peanuts. He loves to jump into and spread around the boxes of packing peanuts that I get from my tea shipments. They are cool eco-friendly corn starch peanuts and I have a few bags of them that I had saved for moving day. This day however they held a higher purpose. They were going to give me time. I just needed a way for them not to be so messy - the bathtub.

We filled up the bathtub, stripped him down to a diaper, gave him a bucket and shovel, and Mommy time was born!

 Lazy mom turns into SUPER MOM (at least a little?)!

He stayed in the tub for 3 whole hours I did the dishes, read a book, painted my nails, and even watched an entire HALF HOUR TV show (while constantly checking on him of course.)

It was great, he had a blast, and I felt accomplished.

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Useful Information.

Hey guys just a quick post to share this image I found! Check it out! ♠ They work! This would have been super helpful in my math classes!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Where have you been? Oh wait, it was me that was gone.

I am so sorry I have been gone, it has been a hectic couple of weeks, there was a last minute move, some other craziness and a lack of internet because AT&T took forever to get their stuff toghether to figure out what the problem was (starting with them trying to service our new house from over a mile away on an island instead of from 3 blocks away.) The new house is still a disaster with half of our stuff not being here, and no electric outlets in half of the house, but we have our kitchen supplies, our beds, the water no longer smells like sulfur and now our internet so what else do we need? Some of the terrible things that have happened in the last few weeks include the illness of my husbands grandfather.

He has cancer, and it is getting worse, we were able to go and visit him, and we got this lovely picture of him my husband and our son. I wish my Father-in-Law had been there too, it would have been great to have all four generations in a picture. 

Our family is going through a lot right now, and if I could be so bold, I would appreciate your prayers, positive thoughts, or whatever else you can spare. :)